Leader Programme

“Leader is an established method of delivering Rural Development funds at a Local Level. Leader is a French acronym which translates as liaison among actors in Rural Economic Development”


~Gov.uk Website

The Leader programme is an EU scheme for supporting the development of the Rural Economy by providing rural businesses with funding opportunities. In England this is being delivered by Local Action Groups whose decisions are based on the priorities set out in the Local Development Strategy for the area. This funding can be used to start, improve, and develop Rural Businesses / Services that are both economically and environmentally sustainable


Examples of areas that the Rural Funding can be applied to are as follows:-

• Farm Diversification

• Alternative usages for Barns

• Developing Farm Shops

• Micro Breweries

• Re-energizing Redundant Rural Buildings

• Additional facilities for Village Shops

• Independent Fine Food Stores

• Community Village Shops

• Mobile Shops

• Community Projects (Neighbourhood Cafe)

If you have a project that fits these criteria (or would like to have some more information) then contact us now, either via email or phone to arrange a meeting. We can guide you through all the requirements to be submitted with your initial application to the Rural Payments Agency and provide advice as to the structure and content of your formal application.


We are here to help you move to the next level.