One to One Mentoring

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Work in Progress


There is a greater interest than ever to know where our food comes from and the story behind it. Traceability is no longer just a buzz word, but a powerful marketing tool. Producers are looking for vibrant locations in which to sell their produce and consumers often prefer to shop locally. Using existing Farmers Markets as a template, we are working on concepts that will drive variety, value and higher standards to meet this need.




We have selected one county whose villages are served through a selection of independents, symbol group convenience stores and community shops as the basis for a study of the current state of Rural Retailing. Our mentors are researching purchasing methods, space management, merchandising layouts and operating issues. Once complete, we will be presenting our findings and recommendations to the District Council as a blue print for growth within their Rural Economy.


Future Projects


Community Initiatives – based upon our experiences connected with the setting up of a Community Shop, we are confident that there are opportunities for other Community Projects. These could range from Cafes to Group Household Purchasing and from Community Small-holding farming, to traditional skills workshops.